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Automotive radiator fan: What is the reason for the long life of the cooling fan?
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The life of the cooling fan is related to the bearing used, the operating ambient temperature of the cooling fan, and the balance of the blades.
1, the cooling fan uses bearings:
The use of double ball bearings has a long service life of 5,0000-100000h.
The use of oil-impregnated bearings, oil bearing life is about 10000h.
The use of hydraulic bearings has a larger oil storage space than oil-bearing bearings and has a service life of around 40,000 h. (Each life when operating at room temperature of 25 degrees), so the choice of bearings has a great relationship to the length of the cooling fan.
2. Operating temperature of the cooling fan: When the cooling fan is running, the higher the ambient temperature, the shorter its life will be.
3, the balance of the cooling fan blade is poor, it will cause the cooling fan to vibrate, with the constant vibration, the noise of the fan will become larger and larger, resulting in weight loss, and finally the fan will not die.
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