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The difference between car radiator fan and brushless electronic fan
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The difference between car radiator fan and brushless electronic fan
Compared with traditional mechanical fans and clutch fans, intelligent electronic fans have better performance and higher efficiency. Therefore, automotive electronic cooling fans are becoming more and more popular. According to different classification criteria, automotive electronic fans can be divided into different types. Some cars use a brushed electronic fan to dissipate heat, and some use a brushless electronic fan to dissipate heat. Is the car electronic fan a good fan or a brushless fan? Today, we will exchange the difference between a brushed electronic fan and a brushless electronic fan. (Note: Only the electronic fan has the difference between brush and brushless. The electronic fan is a built-in motor that needs to be powered on to work.)
Electronic fan structure is different
The biggest difference in the structure between a brushed electronic fan and a brushless electronic fan is the carbon brush. A brush with a carbon brush is called a brush fan, and a brush without a carbon brush is called a brushless fan. A carbon brush is a device used to transfer energy or signals between a fixed portion of an electronic fan motor and a rotating portion. In general, carbon brushes are made of pure carbon plus a coagulant, which is why it is called a "carbon brush." The carbon brush is stuck on the metal bracket, and a spring is pressed against the rotating shaft. When the motor rotates, the electric energy is transmitted to the coil through the phase converter.
Electronic fan life - different durability
The main component of carbon brushes is carbon, a consumable wearer. Therefore, a brushed fan using a carbon brush has a low life and is damaged. The brushless electronic fan without a carbon brush does not have this problem. For example, the life of a brushed electronic fan has been 20,000 hours, and the life of a brushless electronic fan can reach 30,000 hours or even higher. Therefore, more and more customers consider the fan cost from the after-sales maintenance, experience, fan life, etc., and choose to use the brushless electronic fan to dissipate heat.
Electronic fan technology performance is different
The technical performance mentioned here mainly refers to several factors such as speed, air volume, speed regulation and control mode. Brushed electronic fans appear earlier than brushless electronic fans, and the technology is relatively mature. However, the technical performance is better than the brushless electronic fan. There are two indicators of speed and air volume, and there is little difference between brushed electronic fan and brushless electronic fan. In terms of fan speed regulation, brushed electronic fans are generally unable to adjust speed, at least there is no way to achieve intelligent stepless speed change. Like home cars, most of them are brushed electronic fans, using temperature control switches and relay control, only low speed and high speed two switches. The brushless DC electronic fan developed by Philippine Technology can be connected to the controller and adopts pwm control technology to realize intelligent stepless speed change without distinguishing the speed grade.
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