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Why is the car electric fan also called the air conditioner fan?
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The operation of the car's electronic fan is controlled by the temperature controller. The water temperature is automatically turned on. It feels that when there is no relative airflow to cool the water tank, the electronic fan will work frequently. Sometimes, if the water temperature is still high, the electric fan will be hot. Will continue to work for a while.
The electronic fan is also fanned by an electronic air conditioner.
1. The electronic fan only works to reduce the temperature of the water tank.
2. The temperature of the water tank is affected by two aspects, one is the cooling of the engine block and the gearbox, and the other is the heat dissipation of the air conditioner condenser.
3, air conditioning condenser and water tank are two parts, close together, the front is the water tank behind the condenser.
4. The air conditioner is a relatively independent system inside the car. However, the start of the air conditioner switch will give a signal to the electronic fan control unit J293 to force the electronic fan to rotate.
5, the big fan is called the main fan, the small fan is called the auxiliary fan
6. The signal is transmitted from the thermal switch to the electronic fan control unit J293. The J293 controls the electronic fan to start at different speeds.
7, the realization of high speed and low speed is very simple, high speed does not series resistors, low speed series two resistors (adjust the size of air conditioning air outlet is also the principle).
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